I'm a fickled being; I travel through my phrases at precipitated speed. I tend to never cohere to anything for a long period of time, whether it’s the boredom from monotonous repetition or my short attention span to any one thing for a period of time; I’m constantly on the move. For those who know me, they will absolutely concur to this.

I will go through a phase where I will read endlessly, then stop completely and spend all my time watching telly. Then that telly phase will disappear and is substituted with drawing, then photography etc…

About five years ago, I was in my drawing phase and spent frequent time drawing different pictures. That phase didn’t last long as I was onto my next phase expeditiously. But while that phase lasted, I was consumed with it. I dare say that my drawing abilities weren’t of an exceptional standard, however it was none the less soundly rewarding when I did finish a drawing project. It’s been so long, I can not recall how many hours it took me to draw one thing, but I do remember persisting with it until it was completed.

Having done a few arts and crafty things lately, it's reminded me just how much I've missed all those creative projects, especially drawing. It has motivated me to dig though my old things and find my old sketch book which I did some of my drawings in. I've never really shown anyone these before other than my closest friends, but I thought I would share with everyone here my previous works:

I haven't drawn in so long, I'm not sure whether I still can. Is drawing like riding a bike, once you know, you'll never forget? I guess only time will tell...

Note: You will notice that the life drawings do not have facial expressions on them. I’ve never been good with drawing facial features, I’ve tried but it never looks quite right. I’ve always left the drawing of the face to last, as I felt it was the hardest challenge. But once I had finished the sketch, I concluded that if I had attempted it, I would only ruin the whole sketch. Hence, I chose to leave it, and now you see it at its current stage.

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Artwork hung on a wall can dramatically enhance the feel of any room. The challenge is finding that perfect artwork for that particular room.

As some of you are aware, it was my nephew’s first birthday last Wednesday. The big 1. The day where he finally phases out of infancy and ventures into childhood and single whole digit numbers. On Saturday, Naysta and Vanny threw him an epic birthday party to commemorate this special transition, this turning of the clocks. It was truly a marvelous day full of sumptuous food and delectable sweets. I will post soon about the actual day, it was a fest for the eyes.

The planned party was numerous months in the making. As an aunty, I wanted to buy him a present that was special, but practical, something that was fit for such a momentous occasion. Those who know me, know that I’ve never really been exposed to infants and children. I grew up playing with family friends of a similar age to me, there were rarely really young kids running amuck and if there were, they weren’t of a close acquaint to me. Thus, it was quite special yet daunting to have my nephew be born and enter my life. Many things I’ve done with him have all been firsts for me, babysitting, changing nappies, playing, putting him to sleep etc etc. Therefore I wanted to get him something that was special and sentimental, to thank him for all the lessons he had taught me.

As part of his present, I thought it would be an exquisite idea if I made him something unique and personalized, to memorialize such a special occasion. I had seen one particular canvas artwork from blogs which appeared to be comparatively easy to make, yet looked exceptionally awesome in nurseries and kids room. As Kai’s room has the green safari theme, I wanted to stay with that theme of jungle animals and so decided to incorporated it into the artwork.

Materials you will need:
• A framed canvas
• Decorative paper in different patterns
• Ribbons in different sizes and patterns
• Mini craft pegs
• Card board paper
• Plain white paper
• Spray adhesive
• Sticky tape
• Scissor

Step one: Firstly, you need to draw the animals and letters on plain paper to use as your template. Once you’ve drawn all the silhouettes that you need, take your scissor and cut those shapes out, taking care to accurately cut precisely what you’ve drawn, especially those little detailed sections.

Step two: Using your template, trace the outline onto the back of your decorative paper. You can use different paper for different animals and letters, or use the same paper for all. Once you’re happy, cut them out.

Step three: Take your different ribbons and measure to find out what lengths you need to cut them. Make sure you give enough at the end so that it can wrap around the canvas and be secured to the back. Arrange the ribbons up the top in whatever order you prefer. You can also line the ribbons vertical if you like, I prefer it horizontal. Wrap the ribbon on the front of the canvas, and using your sticky tape, tape the ribbon to the back of the canvas

Step four: You can paint your mini pegs if you desire, I left them in the natural colour because I thought it actually looked better. Randomly scatter the pegs on the various ribbons, giving it the clothes line look.
Step five: Grap your animal cut outs and spray the adhesive to the back of it. Place it on the canvas before it dries.

Step six: Making the individual name/letter plaque. I decided to use cardboard paper as the backing as I felt it gives the plaque more structure, hence less flimsy. Take your cardboard paper and cut out a shape of your choice. I went with squares as it felt more masculine. Using decorative paper, spray the adhesive to the paper and stick it onto the cardboard to make a nice background. Cut out a small size square for the second layer background.

Step seven: Take your letters which you’ve cut out of decorative paper and stick them onto the plaque. I used the pegs to hold up the plaque, rather than sticking it onto the canvas. This gives the artwork more of a 3d effect.

And there you have it, nice and easy! The hardest part was probably trying to cut the pictures as I had to be extra careful and retain as much detail as I could. Give it a go, it’s very satisfying to make your own artwork. Hopefully Kai loves it as its one of a kind, especially made for him with LOVE!

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Everyone loves a bargain, who wouldn’t right?!

Why would you consciously spend more on a product when you know that you could get it for a far cheaper, more economical price? And what’s even better than getting a bargain? It’s when you fortuitously stumble upon this bargain without premeditation! And what’s even better than this luck? The intoxicating feeling of euphoria that surges through your entire being as you leave the sale, knowing that it’s one of those ‘good’ days! This happened to me last week. As you know, I work in Richmond, an area which is the epitome of bargain shopping, renowned for its sales and bargain-basement prices. On Friday, a few weeks ago, while I was casually strolling down the road to grab myself some lunch, I unwittingly came across an A4 poster that was plastered onto a light post. It was pure serendipity that the poster caught my eye and drew me to it. The big heading wrote ‘Lolita Warehouse Sale’, followed by dates of the sale, it was fortunate that the sale had only started today.
On the poster was also the picture of an arrow directing people into a certain direction. I felt intrigued, never one to shy away from a sale, I preceded to follow the arrow. As I walked, I saw other posters stating ‘sale this way’ and more arrows. I followed these arrowed poster into an ally and around the corner. I was starting to feel rather cautious as I wasn’t sure just exactly how ‘safe’ this sale really was! But eventually, after turning the corner I saw a massive garage door that was fully open, and inside stood rows upon rows of hung clothing particles. At first glance I couldn’t quite make out the scene as I was quite stunned to observe that so many bodies could cramped together into such a limited space. Nevertheless, it only took me a split second to digest the sights before I hurled myself wholeheartedly into the masses which was the bargain hunting bonanza!! An hour later, I walked back to work with a bag full of goodies, and a massive smile on my dial. I managed to get 12 items for $140!

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so I’ll let my photos do the talking:

Shirt $10 and shorts were $5. I wore this outfit over the weekend for Vanny's birthday.
I just love the patterns on this shirt. I love the cute florals and the fact that its very flowy, makes me feel all summery! Necklace was from bargain bin.
Both shorts were $5 each! The black shorts are a little too big for me, I need to get it adjusted some how. But I love the shape of it. They are quite wide leg, so it kinda looks like i'm wearing a skirt/shorts. The demin shorts are also too cute. My first pair of denim shorts that I own.
This cute little dress only costed me $15. I love the black and white theme of this dress. This dress makes me look girly, and innocent! hehe
This maxi was $15. Its nothing special, but for that price, I just couldnt resist! I need a few new maxi, its my fav time of clothing during summer
This simple white singlet was $5. Even though this singlet is very simple, I really adore that the buttons are on the back of the singlet, makes it very different and unique
This colourful dress I got for $15!
This dress I also got for $15. I love the bright colour and the cute button detail at the back.
Dress was $15
Tshirt $5, how cute is the picture?!
Dress $15. I quite like the shoulder details.

And the last item I bought was this dress, also $15
What do you think? Jealous of my loot?
I was exhilarated when walking back to work after the sale! My summer wardrobe has already started. Sorry Su but I didnt model these outfits as suggested. I'm hating my body at the moment so dont really want to take phots of myself.
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Its been 7 months since I’ve moved into my house, and although the majority of our furnishing has been bought and put in their respective places, I still felt that the house was lacking in something. I’d come to the conclusion that what the house lacks were all the little accents which makes a house a home! The house appears to be too bare and clinical, too minimalistic for my taste. It is in desperate need of slashes of my personality to make it feel more homely. As my finances are currently quite restrictive, I’ve only been able to add small details progressively. I’ve been browsing home decor blogs and have noticed that people constantly have these orchids as ornamental displays in their homes. I love orchids, they are exceptionally pretty yet quite simplistic. I’ve been in the hunt for quite some time now for a nice orchid arrangement that I could use to decorate my house, but they were either too expensive or not quite what I wanted. So I thought I would try my luck at making my own. It was far more easier than I had imagined.

What you'll need:
• Artificial orchid flower $11
• Vase/pot $1.50
• Oasis $1
• Artificial moss $1
• Artificial orchid leaves $8
• Stick (free)
• Superglue (free)
• String (free)

Step One: Cut the oasis to size to fit the pot you’ve bought. I didn’t need to glue the oasis into the pot because I had cut it large enough to just fit the pot. If your oasis is smaller than your pot, feel free to glue it down for extra security

Step Two:  Firstly you want to stick the leaves down. Make sure you angle it towards you so that you get a nice view of the leaves, rather than just its sides.

Step Three: The stick will be used to support the stem of the orchid flower. I managed to find an old stick from outside, and cut it to size. Push the stick into the oasis upright.

Step Four: Put superglue on top of the exposing oasis and stick your artificial moss on. This gives it a more realistic look, as well as covering the unattractive oasis.

Step Five: Stick your orchid flower right next to the stick and bend the flower to shape of your liking

Step Six: Use string to tie the orchid stem to the stick
The whole project cost me $22.50, and its completely unique. One of a kind because I made it myself. Give it a go, it is a very easy and satisfying project. The whole process only took 10 minutes out of my time, very quick and straightforward. I’ve very proud of myself once I’d accomplish that. Now, onto my next project…

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